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Catalyst Material

Product description
VOCs adsorption material is the core component of VOCs wheel adsorption technology. It is applied to the purification of waste gas in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, printing, shoe making, automobile manufacturing, electronic manufacturing and other industries. It is used to absorb or recycle organic matter in waste gas, recycle energy, reduce energy consumption and reduce pollution.
The zeolite adsorbents we developed and produced have high efficiency for the adsorption of volatile organic compounds. They have the characteristics of high temperature tolerance, stable and durable performance, good hydrophobicity and adsorption, easy desorption, flexible recycling and green environmental protection. VOCs exhaust gas passes through the runner, and the zeolite adsorbs VOCs and releases clean gas into the atmosphere. The adsorbed VOCs is desorbed by high temperature from the desorption area, and the desorption gas is high concentration and low flow concentration waste gas. The concentrated exhaust gas is reintroduced to condensate system to recover liquid solvent.
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